Mercode is a libre software community which gathers coders, hackers, activists and designers worldwide. Also it is the Turkish name of planet Mercury, the first planet of the solar system.

Mercode is not an enterpreneurship, company or a brand and is very strict about your privacy and rights. Mercode’s cause is to dominate the world with decentralised internet friendly open source products and people using them in order to crush the monopoly of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and many others. The Mercode team keeps working for achieving this cause of humanity.

Mercode and its subprojects are existing thanks to the donations of our users and team members. So the progression of Mercode is in the hands of the community. If you would like to see this team contributing more to the community, you can donate us on Patreon or send Etherium to our wallet to help us paying our server bills or to order us a coffee (because we need it after long hours of coding). If Mercode wouldn’t be able to keep contributing, they will win.

At Mercode, there isn’t such a big division between the community and the team. Everyone, from every type of background and age can apply to our team. The only rule to be applied is to contribute and give support to this beautiful libre community.

We believe the humanity can outgo the borders, nations and flags with the Internet. Unfortunatelly the web which was ment to be unowned is being invaded by the server monopoly of big companies co-operating with states. The only solution to overthrow that invasion is to decentralize!

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